By Erickson Dental Care
October 17, 2017
Category: Oral Health

Refusing or delaying your trip to the dentist's office is harmful to your oral and dental health. Your Grants Pass, OR, dentists at Erickson dental visitsDental Care, Dr. Sten Erickson, Dr. Mart Erickson, and Dr. Rachel Erickson are here to help you understand the importance of bi-yearly visits.

To clarify the importance of seeing your dentists in Grants Pass more frequently, here are some common issues they can help you detect during your visit, and procedures to help improve your smile.

  • Cavities: Maintaining a healthy oral regimen is important. You need to brush and floss daily, but sometimes plaque builds up and the acid produced by the bacteria causes enamel to break down. When this happens, the only way to resolve the issue is to go to your dentist. They will clean the cavity and seal it to prevent further damage.
  • Root Canal Therapy: If you sustain an injury, like a crack or a fracture, or your cavities have allowed bacteria to reach the pulp, this means you may have a tooth infection. The dentist will have to remove the tissue, disinfect the area and seal it. If the deterioration is too massive, your doctor will give you a temporary crown that will be swapped out with a permanent crown in another visit to our Grants Pass office.
  • Dental Implants: Losing your teeth can be detrimental to one's confidence. While a tooth can be lost due to a sports injury or an accident, it can also be lost due to infrequent visits to the doctor. If your cavities have turned into issues a root canal treatment can't fix, then you may lose your tooth. During a dental implant procedure, the dentist will insert a titanium post, allow it to fuse to the jawbone for three to six months, then place an abutment and crown on top.

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis will help reduce the chances of you needing to deal with serious dental problems. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule a visit with your Grants Pass, OR, dentists, just call them at (541) 476-3419.