By Erickson Dental Care
July 18, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Tooth decay is something that almost everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. Even with great dental hygiene, some teeth have weaknesses in their structure that make them more prone to developing cavities. Fortunately, Dr. Sten Erickson, Dr. Mart Erickson, and Dr. Rachel Erickson of Erikson Dental Care in Grants Pass, OR, can help treat your dental decay—read on to learn more!

Visible signs

While brushing your teeth, you might notice a stain, spot, or indentation that can't be scrubbed away. This is often a sign that a cavity is developing, and while it may look small on the surface of your tooth, a much larger section of decay may be forming underneath. Not all cavities can be seen, however, which is why regular checkups with your Grants Pass dentist are so important. Using X-ray imaging, the dental experts at Erikson Dental Care can detect the presence of cavities that form between or behind teeth.

Physical signs

An early sign of decay is an uncomfortable tingling sensation that is felt inside or around a tooth when you consuming something that is hot or cold. This is known as tooth sensitivity, and it happens because the nerves inside the tooth have become exposed to outside temperatures. You may also experience a dull, lasting pain or a sharp twinge of discomfort when biting down on something. This is a sign that bacteria has entered the interior of a tooth and is starting to affect the structures it contains. Any dental pain that lasts longer than a couple of days is an indication that you need to make an appointment with your Grants Pass dentist.

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