By Erickson Dental Care
February 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

No matter your personality, having a smile that you are ashamed of can keep others from learning about the true you. Making a great first dental implantsimpression is something that is important in many aspects of life. If you are suffering from tooth loss, there are options available that can provide you with a beautiful smile and strong teeth. Dental implants by your Grants Pass, OR dentists Dr. Sten Erickson, Dr. Mart Erickson or Dr. Rachel Erickson can get you started on your way to a restored and beautiful smile.

Dental Solutions for an Incomplete Smile

When you lose a tooth due to damage or decay, getting dental implants is a great way to correct the problem and still have the type of strength offered by natural teeth. The implant, often resembling a screw, is placed in the space where the tooth used to be. After the implant is placed, there is a waiting period as the implant bonds with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration. This is what gives the dental implant its strength and reliability. The amount of time that it takes for the implant to set as a part of the gums and jaw varies from person to person though it can take several months. Once the implant has bonded we will attach an abutment, which connects the implant to a dental crown, the visible portion of the restoration. Dental implants are created to be similar to the natural teeth in your mouth and they will match the rest of your smile.

If you want a beautiful smile that you can count on, visit your Grants Pass, OR dentists Dr. Sten Erickson, Dr. Mart Erickson or Dr. Rachel Erickson at Erickson Dental Care. Getting back the confidence you may have lost is much easier when you have a full smile. Call us at 541-476-3419 to schedule an appointment and get started today. You don’t have to live with an incomplete smile any longer.