By Erickson Dental Care
February 23, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Modern dentistry offers a customized assortment of tooth replacement options. So, if you're missing one, several, or even all of your teeth, you can have a complete, functional and beautiful smile again. Here at Erickson Dental Care in Grants Pass, OR, Drs. Sten, Mart, and Rachel Erickson are passionate about the latest restorative techniques, including dental implants and different denture varieties. Read on to learn more!

The problem of tooth loss

You were meant to have a complete smile, and no one tooth is unnecessary. After all, teeth lost to decay, physical trauma, and gum disease change how you look, eat, and speak. Furthermore, the gums and jaw bone deteriorate quickly following tooth loss, experiencing a reduction of up to 25 percent of their natural volume in just one year, according to Dear Doctor.

What's the solution to this oral health problem? Tooth replacement as soon as possible is critical. Fortunately, Erickson Dental Care in Grants Pass delivers everything from innovative dental implants and implant-supported dentures to conventional bridges and traditional dentures.

Your tooth replacement options

A complete oral examination, specialized scans, and lifelike dental ceramics all play roles in creating your complete smile. With your treatment plan in place, Dr. Erickson can offer you these options:

  • Fixed bridgework composed of one or more artificial porcelain teeth supported by crowns bonded to adjacent natural teeth
  • Dental implants, complete artificial teeth from titanium roots to realistic porcelain crowns
  • Implant-supported dentures (either removable or fixed) which attach to the jaw bone with multiple titanium implants
  • Conventional partial or full dentures which rest on the gums (partials are held by metal clasps)

Your choice depends on several factors, including time, budget, and health factors. Fortunately, a consultation with one of our dentists can clarify which option is best for you.

A restored smile

Whether you desire dental implants, a traditional partial, or something else, the dental team here at Erickson Dental Care in Grants Pass, OR, will ensure your complete comfort and satisfaction. Call us for a consultation: (541) 476-3419.